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Configuring SSL certificates

If the IP VCR has the Secure management (HTTPS) feature key installed, and you enable the secure web service on the Network > Services page, you will be able to access the web interface of the IP VCR using HTTPS. The IP VCR has a local certificate and private key pre-installed and this will be used by default when you access the unit using HTTPS. However, we recommend that you upload your own certificate and private key to ensure security as all IP VCRs have identical default certificates and keys.

To upload your own certificate and key, go to Network > SSL certificates, complete the fields and click Upload certificate and key. Note that you must upload a certificate and key simultaneously. After uploading a new certificate and key, you must restart the IP VCR.

If you have uploaded your own certificate and key, you can remove it later if necessary; to do this, click Remove certificate and key.

Field Field description

If your organization has bought a certificate, or you have your own way of generating certificates, you can upload it. Browse to find the certificate file.

Private key

Browse to find the private key file that accompanies your certificate.

Private key encryption password

If your private key is stored in an encrypted format, you must enter the password here so that you can upload the key to the IP VCR.


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