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Recording point-to-point calls

The IP VCR is able to transparently record point-to-point calls. A point-to-point call is one where just two endpoints are involved - the traditional type of call. If you wish to record point-to-point calls, the gatekeeper settings of the IP VCR must be configured correctly (see Configuring gatekeeper settings).

Instead of simply calling the other endpoint by dialing its E.164 number from your video endpoint, you must add a prefix that tells the H.323 gatekeeper to pass the call to the IP VCR rather than directly to the other endpoint. Your system administrator will be able to advise you which prefix to use. The IP VCR will then attempt to call the other endpoint on your behalf, transparently passing media as normal when the call is connected. With the exception of needing to dial a slightly different number, the experience of calling the other endpoint should be identical to as if you had called it directly.

While the point-to-point call is in progress, the IP VCR records both sides of the call using one of the configured layouts (see Configuring recording settings). The options include showing both endpoint views side-by-side, and showing the loudest speaker in a full-screen view with the other shown picture-in-picture.

To make a point-to-point recording, follow these steps:

  1. Call the remote endpoint using its E.164 number, including the prefix to pass the call through the IP VCR.
  2. Recording will start immediately or shortly after the call is connected, depending on how the IP VCR is configured.
  3. When you have completed your call, simply hang up. The IP VCR will disconnect the other endpoint for you, and the recording will be stored automatically.


Recording of point-to-point calls is transparent. The calling or called endpoint cannot start or stop recording other than by hanging up the call.

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